Tanya Brown

making it up as
i go.

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Research refined.

Out of university, I started out with an imagined future of working in traditional academic research - pounding the pavement in exploration of the brain. Finish my phd, get the big D-R in front of my name, and smooth sailing as I explored the inter workings of neuroscience research as a tenured scientist. Dreamy, right? Turns out, something just didn’t feel right about it all. The tireless drain of grant writing, the pressure to perform, or rather outperform my peers, all while fighting the upward battle of being a women in science just wasn’t my kind of grind. Listening to my gut instinct here, (yes - I wanted to work in science) but not within such a machine. From there, I set out to create my own path within neuroscience research. And so far, it’s been a wild ride.

About me.

I am an experienced program manager in the field of neuroscience research. My sense is that science without coordination is foolhardy. In order to make real progress and translate new knowledge into meaning, I approach each project with a well developed project management strategy, that is complimented by my creative spirit and ongoing aspiration to find functional solutions to ensure scientific exploration can be poised for real discovery.


Horizontal collaboration.

Working in silos no longer is a viable approach to most areas of work - research not withstanding. In the various fields of study, we have widely reached a point in our foundational understanding within a domain, that cross collaboration and multidisciplinary engagement is not only beneficial, but necessary in order to start bridging ideas and advancing knowledge.

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